Sasha the Mouse.

Over the past several years, my young daughter as asked me to tell her stories at bedtime, eschewing the stack of books that sit neatly piled next to her bed, I am usually reluctant to improvise at eight pm. I am mostly spent from a long day working at a sometimes mentally exacting job, and the thought of pulling a yarn out of my reeling head is at times difficult but she is my daughter and so I comply. There are a variety of different tales, lately she is fixated on my childhood, while some have her and her little brother as main characters along with a magical orange cat named Sherbert and then there is the following which I told her last year. This was a longer one and one we had to abandon as it got to frightful for her, but I hope to pick it back up.

Chapter One:

Sasha was a small mouse, smaller than most even, she wore glasses and a blue shirt with three buttons on the front with brown pants that were just a shade lighter than her fur. As far as mice go, Sasha was also more timid than all the other mice in the neighborhood not that she really knew this for Sasha never ventured far from her home. She was very frightened of leaving her yard. She lived underneath the red rose bush in the back yard, just a short walk to the back door where she went every morning to eat breakfast and gather her lunch and dinner.  She would get enough food to hold her over for the day and take it back to her house, in a small flowered basket and start reading her books.

Sasha loved to read, she read as much as she could, she liked to read about history and adventures.  She imagined herself as the heroine in all of the adventures she read but hse knew that she was just not as brave as the heroes in the stories she read.

One morning, Sasha got up early as usual, this was for safety for she did not want to get up after the sun came up for this is when the cat may find her or the birds may take notice of her as he moved hesitantly across the yard.  Anyway, Sasha woke up and left her house, crawled through the rose bush, scampered across the small flower garden, underneath the patio furniture to the cat bowl that sat outside the back door. She was very hungry this morning and could not wait to eat some breakfast.  She was shocked to discover that the bowl was completely empty when she peered down over the rim, “Why, there must be a mistake” Sasha thought, “this has never happened before.” She walked around the bowl to see if they had just poured the food next to it by accident. Nope, there was no food around the bowl.

Sasha then climbed a few of the vines that lined the back wall and onto the back windowsill, she nearly tumbled off the brick ledge when she saw what was inside. In fact there was nothing inside of the house. All of the furniture had disappeared, there were no chairs, no books, no shelves for the books, no television, no appliances.  And so sign of the fat orange cat the slept beyond in the bright sun beam. The house was completely empty. Now she was very worried. “Oh, my”she thought to himself, “what shall I do.” She was very hungry. Sasha realized the sun was coming up and decided to go back to her house,  climbing down the vines she  took one last longing look into the empty cat food bowl, scurried under the deserted patio furniture, ran across the small flower patch and into the rose bush. She went straight to bed because she was so upset. Before falling asleep Sasha thought “oh, what shall I do?”

Sasha woke with a start, an internal alarm clock called her stomach woke her up. It needed food, she had a terrible dream. Sasha  shook her head, trying to empty the remnants  of the dream from her drowsy head. She shuddered, “Oh, what a frightful dream I had” she muttered, thinking how she dreamed the people in the house had moved away and there was no food for her.  She climbed out of the narrow mouse hole that was covered by the rose bush, the sun was shining high in the air, “I must have been sleepy, it is very late for breakfast.”  She noticed some birds sitting on the roof of the garage and across the electric wires, as if painted against a deep blue canvas. She told herself these were not hawks or owls whom she had read about in her books, “there are no hawks in the city, and owls don’t come out at night” she told herself.

Sasha took a deep breath and darted out from under the roses , across the garden, under the patio furniture and to the cat food bowl. She was very hungry and she thought her stomach was grumbling so loud that any sleeping owls would be awakened by her hunger. She was flabbergasted to see that the bowl was still empty, “Oh my,  that wasn’t a dream.” She scurried over to the window, she almost danced up the vines, gazing into her reflection of the large picture window, she first saw the house was empty and then noticed the large singular tear drop from her large gray eyes. “What shall I do?” she said out loud. She scanned the backyard from her perch on top of the windowsill, it was much larger than she had ever known.

To her left was a small herb garden, dotted with bright red, yellow and white flowers that rose up amid the brown and greed herbs as if they were the brightest talent in the back yard. Spanning the length of the yard on the other  side of the herb garden was a long tall wooden fence with a variety of other flowers, mums, peonies  and a thatch of green bushes that rose above the corner of the farside of the fence. To her right she noticed another fence that ran most of the length of the back yard, stopping at the green painted garage. She spied her own rose bush, that had a few branches that touched the gutter of the garage. Alongside this fence were more bushes and sunflowers that towered higher the any of the bushes, their bright yellow petals fluttering in the soft breeze. In spite of her hunger pains, she smiled to herself at the beauty of the back yard. In between the two fences and flower beds was the vast green blanket of grass that was of barren of shelter as the ocean.

Her nose twitched, just ever –so-quietly, she caught the scent of something wonderful, a smell she had never smelled before. It caused her mouth to water, it was inviting and almost warm to her ever vigilant nose. She stuck her nose high into the air, “why yes, something smelled delicious” she said to her self. Sasha was curious, the smell was wafting over the back part of the fence on the far left hand side of the yard. Before she knew it she had scrambled off the ledge, past the cat food bowl, under the patio furniture, across the garden, under and then up the rose bush. She had already scaled a great portion of the gutter before she realized what she had done, not only had she ever been this high before but she knew birds enjoyed standing on the roof of garages. She had seen firsthand what a large black bird could do to an unsuspecting worm. She shuddered and in a moment she was filled with a series of shudders. Sasha was shaking. As she prepared to climb down the gutter she caught another wiff of the savory smells arising from over the fence and now the garage. She clamored the rest of the way up the gutter and jumping into the gutter, she ran the length of the garage in just a few moments. She had no idea she could run so fast.

She descended down the other side of the garage, using the gutter as a safety tunnel. At the base of the gutter she was confronted by roughly five feet of yard, she noticed one of the birds had flown from the top of the garage and was hovering directly about her, it’s tiny feet clutching the side of the gutter. “screech, screech” it’s feet scraped the white abrasive metal. Taking another deep breath, she plunged into the green carpet of grass and into the awaiting limbs of a bursting heart bush. Sasha’s heart was beating louder than her stomach was grumbling. The bird still stayed perched on the gutter, as if watching a play. Next to the burning bush was thicket of other branches from a line of other shrubs, a lilac bush whose scent nearly overpowered her, and then a hydrangea and finally another burning bush. Their foliage combined to make a sort of woody, flowery jungle. The sunlight was fractured in bits as the leaves , stems and flowers as if she in the midst of a hundred painted glass windows. She was breathless, with excitement, awe and fear at once. As she probed deeper into the bushes, the delectable smell became overwhelming. Soon she noticed her mouth was watering, small droplets of spit sagged from the corners of her mouth. She came to the back of the fence,  poked that incredible nose of hers into the air and got a great wiff of the enticing smell from a small hole that sat just ten inches above her, crowded by a variety of branches from deep into the bush. Quickly darting to the hole, she jabbed her pointy head out the hole without a thought. To her surprise there was a small filthy alley and on the other side she heard the faint sounds of music coming from a door that was half-way open. She glimpsed the back of a large man singing softly to himself, he wore an apron and a large white puffy hat sat firmly on his head. The smell was overpowering, flooding out of the door she could almost see it as it was so strong. A bakery!


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