Connections – MIdnight Run

the Hierarchy

Frequenting a rather formidable preside that overlooks the real estate of a real heartland rock vector that is unfalteringly bold Connections and their risqué purloin whips up a couple snazzy trinkets of that unbudgeable wedged slick transpiring guitar led proposition hammering them into their divets, sitting high at its ivory tower as it robs you for a few smiles.  Formed in 2012 pumping out a few prided EP’s the band came under a historic, yet understated, time for Columbus indie-rock.  Joining the band became the involvement of alumni from 84 Nash, El Jesus De Magico, and Swarming Branch all proficient influences of the local indie fan base.  Matador and Merge affiliate Times New Viking, whose drummer/howler Adam Elliott was keeping time for Connections back then was replaced by Michael O’Shaughnessy, a veteran of El Jesus De Magico, Nick Tolford & Company, Ipps and other Ohio affiliates.  The band herein are releasing their…

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